Branding the future of Healthcare.

Refuah V’chesed is a clinic in Montreal, that is set to bridge major gaps in the healthcare system. A diverse group of 15 medical professionals and 200+ volunteers are holding up an organization that is offering a unique service to thousands of Canadians, that are desperate for medical treatment. The team set ambitious goals for this year’s campaign, and so the non-profit approached us at Brandify for an answer to one fundamental question, how can we visually and verbally express the soul and mission of Refuah V’chesed? 

The first step of our process is to clearly define and understand what pulses at the center of Refuah V’chesed’s mission and purpose. We dove deep into the discovery and surfaced the goal and objective of the organization; Human Care. In a complex bureaucracy and a riddled healthcare system, this non-profit serves as a beacon of hope for the people in need, demonstrating how healthcare should be provided. The human way.

Now, Brandify is not an agency that was built to simply designs beautiful graphics. The goal and mission at Brandify is to emotionally connect any non-profit organization or institution with both its users and donors. That connection in return brings out in the non-profit a relevancy and a much needed differentiating factor to stand out in today’s noisy and cluttered market. In order for a donor to support a cause the donor needs to feel compelled and somewhat connected to the organization. The one donating must have in his or hers own mind a certain awakened sense or attachment resonating with the purpose and core of the non-profit, in order for them to support the cause and give up a portion of their own hard earned money. 

In order to accomplish the above, even before the tool of design and communication is used, we first construct a dynamic strategy, which answers these two crucial questions: “who is it that we are speaking to and what are we saying”. With that we set in place the bones of this brand and campaign.

This is only a brief walk through and a glimpse into the design solutions that were created for the incredible organization. To view the complete case study of the Refuah V’chesed identity and campaign you can visit our site at 

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